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Rossendale Radio Community Club

Here comes a brand new opportunity for you if you are a community group, charity or not-for-profit community organisation.

We recognise that traditionally radio advertising is probably not the right platform for you. We do also understand that sometimes you do have to spend a little money to make money to improve awareness of what you do. 


There is no point doing the great work that some of you do if nobody knows about it.

As a community station ourselves, we hope we are here to help.


Many messages we receive walk that fine line between wanting publicity but not wanting to spend any money. The bottom line is that there is often still a commercial motivation at its heart, however great the cause.

Our advertising rates for local businesses start at £169 per month. 


Now, to address the above, we have devised the Rossendale Radio Community Club and we are opening this up to ten groups only who are charity, community-based or not for profit.


For £125 per year, paid in full and upfront, we guarantee one mention per day of the year and we will give you the airtime you need.

All you will have to do is provide us with up to date information to read out on air. On-air will consist of ad-hoc mentions and in our new community slot at 1330 each weekday.

We will also interview you on The Valley Today (11am) at least twice per year.


So if this sounds good - one year for £125, then please get in touch. 

We work on a first-come-first-served basis.

Look forward to hearing from you!


If you have any questions or want to go ahead please email or call 07769644883