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Weekend Wind Down


Join Paul Jenkins every Sunday 3-7pm

Where do we even start?!? At 4pm is where. The first hour of the show is our movie hour - the very best (and occasionally the worst) offerings from the big screen; including the classical connection, a Disney theme each week and three clues as part of the brain busting movie quiz - just for fun we like to fry your brain...

In the second part of the show it's our Waffle hour, where we speak to writers, storytellers, performers and artists about their work. Often poetic, always interesting – it’s a chance to speak to the people behind the words and find out what makes them tick.

Then, it’s all about the music - we have our triple track at 6pm featuring three songs from an iconic artist which is swiftly followed by your requests. Each week we have a theme and your greatest puns are welcome to bring a giggle and a smile as you settle down into your Sunday evening. Send your punniest suggestions through to the Facebook page or via the WhatsApp 07400 57 1047.

So join us each week for the Weekend Wind Down - be there or be's the only choice you've got. 

       Paul Jenkins