Sunday 11th April 2021 - 20:35
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Valley Drive


Join Bob Chadwick every Weekday from 3pm


Join Bob for some cracking afternoon tunes and a host of fun features:

One For The Road - a song that features a highway item in its title or artists' name, like 'Bus Stop' from the Hollies or 'Where The Streets Have No Name' from U2.

No 1's from this day in history, message him if you have a birthday coming up andhe can play that song for you!

Each day he has a mystery artist which he posts cryptic clues about on the Facebook Page - Answers revealed around 5.30.

After 6, he whips out his Songfacts about Bob's chosen song of the day, complete with comments from the artist.

Plus news and travel updates from 4pm.

Join Bob to get you through those traffic jams with a smile.

                     Bob Chadwick