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Join Pete Sweetmore every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7pm - 10am

and Paul Jenkins every Tuesday and Thursday 7pm - 10am

Join us for Valley Breakfast each weekday morning from 7am till 10am.

We'll be bringing you the latest news from across the Valley, as well as keeping you updated on the national stories too. We'll also be dipping in and out of the sports headlines and trying our best to bring you a bit of a smile at the start of your day. With guests aplenty from across Rossendale, we'll try to connect you up with those in the know on a whole range of topics. From local leaders to the local postie - we'll chat to everyone and anyone we can.

Each day we'll also be playing our lyrics quiz - getting you to wrack your brain tryng to figure out those obscure words that you absolutely know you know but can't quite put your finger on! So join Pete Sweetmore on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Paul Jenkins for Tuesday and Thursday.

It's a fine way to start your day!