Sunday 11th April 2021 - 20:31
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Saj Akbar


Saj is from a far flung land called Wales and moved to Manchester for three months….17 years ago.  She’s been slowly moving ‘up there north’ and now calls Ramsbottom home.

Saj is a bit of a workaholic but when she’s not running her recruitment business she’s enjoying hikes in the hills of Lancashire……not really .... her shoes were not made for walking but the thought is always there.

Her hobbies include cooking, travel, reading anything from fiction to comic books and lost of all learning, whether it be holisitic therapy and mastering the mind to languages.

Her taste in music is as varied as her wardrobe but sequins, glitter and leopard print are non-negotiable.

My Musical Moment:

This was a struggle and a half...

David Bowie - Life On Mars - LISTEN

It's somply the greatest song. Ever. FACT!

Prince - Darlin' Nikki - LISTEN

Just listen to the lyrics ;) However, more glitterm sequins and leopard print too - what's not to like?

Groove Armada - Superstylin' - LISTEN

Remember Sankeys? If you don't bounce along to this are you even alive?