Thursday 17th January 2019 - 11:31
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Peter Sweetmore (Chairman of Directors) One of the Founder members of ‘Birch Radio’ – Hospital Radio in Rochdale, who was a regular broadcaster previously on Rossendale Radio and campaigns tirelessly to bring awareness of all things ‘community’ within the Rossendale Valley.

He retired after 25 years as Chairman of The View Trust/ Chair of Governors (Tor View Community Special School) in Rossendale where he was responsible for large budgets to concentrate on the New Rossendale Radio.

He has also has been involved with 2 RSL broadcasts prior to the launch of the former Rossendale Radio & Burnley Community Radio and intermittent guest experience on other local community & BBC radio stations. Ex-Managing Director of a Social Alarms Company and Development Officer with Burnley, Pendle & Rossendale Council for Voluntary Service, he brings a wealth of experience to the Rossendale Radio Board.

Are you part of a Voluntry, Community and Faith organisaton?

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