Monday 24th January 2022 - 01:34
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Melanie Kemp

Melanie Kemp

Melanie describes herself as Daft from Doncaster but we prefer to think of her as our little Yorkshire Pudding - mainly so we can stick her on the Sunday Lunch Show with a cracking pun. She moved to Rossendale in early 2020 for the love of one man but has since fallen in love with the whole Valley; the hills, the people and now Rossendale Radio. (Have you ever seen a radio station blush because we just did)

Easily obsessed with things, Melanie has been a collector all her life. She has over 40 books on Marilyn Monroe, 65 Wonder Woman Tshirts and way more sequined items of clothing than anyone her age has a right to own. She's like a dog in the park, eager to bring you the best sticks; there's another stick.......and another stick......Wait now there's a ball..... and another.......and another.......hang on, what's that shiny bird? Oooh look a rainbow! This is basically her inner monologue all the time.

Her eclectic tastes and collector's urges extend to music too and when we asked her to pick a couple of songs to sum her up she wept a little for all the songs in her collection that weren't going to get picked. She'll make it up to them by playing them on air instead.

When not collecting, Melanie runs a small publishing firm which helps promote young or undiscovered writers and works as an Illustrator and Web-Designer. Amongst other things she's been an Interior Designer, Dress-Maker, Social Media Manager and Pinup Artist, spending her days painting semi-clad ladies! See, her attention span is so poor she can't even decide what she does for a living! Basically, if you want something vaguely creative doing, she'll have a go.

Her happy place though is home, with her partner and cat, snuggled under a blanket watching boxsets with a cup of tea. It's a simple life, but its a good one.

You can join Melanie for her the Midweek Movie Show along with co-host Paul Jenkins on Wednesday evenings 8-10pm

My Musical Moment:

Literally crying narrowing this down.

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody - LISTEN

This absolutely flawless classic was number one the day I was born (yes, I'm that old) and I still maintain that's the coolest thing about me. My dad was a guitarist and our house was always filled with amazing music of all kinds which really set me on the right track sonically. I've been a huge Queen fan since I was in nappies and adore the way this song is all over the place creatively, asks a lot of its audience tonally but has lasting appeal with almost everyone who comes in to contact with it......... not unlike my good self ;) 

Tori Amos - Winter - LISTEN

This was the first song I ever heard of Tori's and it was on a Saturday morning on Radio 1 with DLT. It was probably the first time I latched on to something musically that wasn't already being played at home by my parents. My dad was into rock and prog like Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull and my mum was into singer-songwriters like Leonard Cohen and Billy Joel and Tori's music has influences from all of those artists but she was new and fresh and entirely mine. She paved the way for me to a whole host of other music goddesses like Kate Bush and Laura Marling but I probably owe a lot of that to this one song.