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Marie Baistow


Our beloved Marie is a life long Rossendale resident and has resided in the perfectly named Loveclough for 17 years now. She counts herself blessed to be wife to Stuart, mum to Euan, Morten, Mitchell, Flynn and four legged Duffy. 

Marie is our Mental Health Advocate, having dedicated her life to the welfare of others: working in care environments for 33 years; care-homes, hospitals, community teams and rehabilitation services. Her early days were somewhat different, she wanted to be a prison warden, but thought she wasn't tall enough, or a barrister but thought she wasn't bright enough (we know she was wrong on both counts!) She then trained as a hairdresser and beauty therapist and loved it, especially her time aboard a cruise ship. 

However, luckily for the people of the Valley, twenty years ago Marie decided to mix her love of helping others to improve their health, wellbeing and how they felt about themselves into a new career; a Mental Health Occupational Therapist.

This sees her spending her days working with clients on how they occupy their day as a tool to assessment and treatment. It works to identify ill health, options for recovery, ways of flourishing and working on how to avoid further ill health PREVENTION IS KEY! It's a bit like a stethoscope and prescription pen but better and with glorious quality of life improving side effects.

Marie is genuinely passionate about how we can learn about ourselves, find ways to keep air in our life jacket when the life storms come and to bask in the full sunshine moments. She advocates for Mental Wellbeing as being essential for life and wants to facilitate discussions where we learn how to keep active together. 

When not healing the minds of bodies of the Rossendale community, Marie not only volunteers her time as Chair of TWO Occupational Therapy committees, is undertaking an NHS Leadership Academy training course and still finds time to bring her skills to Rossendale Radio and we know how lucky we are to have her.

Marie is clearly a hard worker but she's more than happy with that. It has given her the opportunity to meet some incredible people, have a loving family, a regular wage and chances to experience amazing opportunities. She never takes for granted the things it has allowed her, like holidays, days out with friends, even having access to a full fridge and household appliances that make life easier!

When she actually takes some time for herself, Marie loves to repay her mind and body with a bit of yoga and pilates and loves travelling. Her goal is to one day own a camper van or a canal boat (complete with bike rack) to travel to and from a little dream house near a perfect sandy beach where the weather is no cooler than 17 degrees all year round! A girl can dream, until then we know she will continue to adore the beautiful hills and people of Rossendale.

Join Marie for Mental Health Matters on Wednesday evenings.

My Musical Moment:

Although I didn't really connect with music until I saw the Pet Shop Boys live for my 18th birthday, since then I have cherished having a soundtrack tothe speical moments in life.

Kenny Chesney - You Had Me From Hello - LISTEN

I first saw my husband across a room 32 years ago ... for me instant although I often see this as an affliction 🤣🤣

Eva Cassidy - Somewhere Over The Rainbow - LISTEN

This song has played a large part in my life almost by chance rather than design , it has been there in the most joyous moments of child birth , through my mum's illness and funeral, I walked down the aisle to it on my wedding day and I used to sing it to the boys when they were small. It makes my insides glow with pride and connection.

Mary J Blige - Give Me You - LISTEN

A bit of a change of pace, but I used to play this song when I was pregnant with my 4 th baby. I was so happy and my boys challenge me everyday and fill my joy tank.