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Jason is climbing Mt. Kilamanjaro to fund Jack's Club to prevent teen-suicice


Target: £5,000

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Jack's Club 1
Jason and his wife Kathryn lost their gorgeous boy Jack 20 months ago. This is what he has been inspird to do since:
"You all know that myself and Kathryn set up Jacks Club in his name as somewhere young people can come and feel safe and chill out, meet new people and get away from the problems of day to day life. Even though the club is still in its early stages, we have already seen positive impact on the young people who have attended. Jack sadly took his own life 4 days before his 21st birthday. Myself and Jack had spoke about going away for a few days to celebrate his special birthday, just the two of us for some special dad and lad time but sadly we never got the chance to do that. I am 50 this November and again we spoke about going away again just the two of us to celebrate my special birthday and sadly we won't get to do that. 
As you are all aware this last year has been quite unique due to the pandemic and has therefore meant we have had to put the club on hold. We are absolutely committed to re-launching the club as soon as possible and giving a support network to young people that can be their only lifeline. We really don't want  any parent or family to experience the utter devastation that suicide causes and if we can help just one family then that makes it all worthwhile.
For my 50th birthday this year in September I am going to attempt to climb the highest free standing mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain stands at 5895 metres or 19,340 feet. The climb itself to the summit takes approximately 4 and a half days and I know that this will be a massive challenge for me both mentally and physically and I am under no illusion that this will be the hardest thing I have ever taken on in my life but I know it will be worth it and on the last day I will be wearing one of Jacks shirts so he will be with me when I reach the top.  All the money raised will go into the club helping us to secure the clubs future for a good number of years, enabling us to continue to support all the young people in our community and allowing us to fund premises, activities and any future events we have.
Everybody has been so supportive of what we are trying to achieve with Jacks Club whether that is in the form of fundraising or just being there for us, you have no idea what a massive difference you have all made either practically or emotionally over the last 20 months. 
I now feel strong enough to step up to the plate and raise some money for the club by taking myself massively out of my comfort zone for something that means so much to me, Kathryn and Sophie."

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Jason and Jack