Sunday 11th April 2021 - 19:04
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Olivia's Dansworks Family


Target: £500

Donate: Go Fund Me

12-Year-Old Olivia, a Dansworks student since the age of 2, has unfortunately been involved in a very serious accident when a vehicle crushed her after losing control on ice outside her house. Olivia is in a serious but stable condition in hospital.  She has already undergone major surgery and faces the prospect of more in the coming days, weeks and possible even months.

The first thing Olivia said to surgeons was that she needs to be able to dance again so we're all keeping our fingers crossed that this will be possible at some point in the future.

In the meantime, we have been approached by several concerned parents who would like to donate money to provide Olivia with something special from her Dansworks Family to show our love and support at this difficult time.

Therefore, we are accepting donations through Go Fund Me. We are also collecting videos of get-well messages, support and encouragement from all Olivia's Dansworks friends.  Please use the Dansworks Website (Contact Us - Dansworks Academy of Performing Arts) for contact details to send us any video messages asap and we will compile them into a montage to show to her.  Please show your support to help keep Olivia positive and cheerful in the difficult times ahead.
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. The response has been incredible.

We surpassed our initial target in less than 24 hours and we would like to raise as much as possible to support Olivia in any way we can.
UPDATE 11.01.21 - Olivia's surgery has gone well and things are looking very promising for her recovery.