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Midge Bridge - Scoliosis Surgery


Target: £45,000

Donate: Just 4 Children


Text MIDGE to 70085 to give £5

Midge Station
On October 9th 2020 Midge Bridge and her mum Mel came in to speak to Pete Seeetmore on Valley Breakfast to talk about their fundraising efforts to get 14 year old Midge life-changing spinal surgery to correct her acute, and if left untreated, fatal, scoliosis.
Midge Mel
Mel talked about how in spite of everything, Midge still keeps smiling her beautiful smile and Midge thanked the Valley listeners for getting her half-way to their current target.
Imogen, or Midge as she's known to her friends needs to get the surgery, available out in Turkey within the next couple of months, otherwise she may have grown too much for the condition to be treated and her spine will eventually curve enough to crush her lungs.
Midge spine
Please do help her to keep smiling her beautiful smile and donate if you can. Links at the top of the page.
We will keep you updated when we can. Until then follow her Scoliosis Journey Blog on Facebook and send some love her way.
Midge smile