Wednesday 1st December 2021 - 22:05
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Big Night In


Join David Reader every Saturday night between 6 - 10pm

Join David for his Big Night On! Guaranteed to get you up and dancing on a Saturday night, David throws some fantastic features at you all the way through his show:

Back Int' Day - music from back in the day with a 50's/60's double header

After 7pm it's time for handbag hits, songs to dance around your handbag to

7.40 - The Kids Are Alright - shout out to the kids being forced to listen in!

8.00 - One For The Boys - records that drag the bys to the dancefloor

8.20 - Dave gets his Disco Dazzlers out! Class tracks from the disco era

9.05 - Reader's Choice - David's musical guft to you, a record that makes you go 'Ohhhhhhhhh!!

9.10 - A Dollop of Cheese

9.30 - Bootleg Banger - a classic track remixed and reimagined.

Run up to 10pm - dance classic warm up

Plus shout outs, mentions and music to make you move.

 David Reader