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Andrew Taylor


Andy is a serious record collector with well over 6000 albums in his collection (yes you read that right, 6000!!) He has had to have a custom-built extension on his house just to accommodate them all.

Andy is no stranger to the airwaves, having presented Rock Shows on both 2BR and West Coast Abbey FM and we are over the moon that he is bringing his talents, experience and record collection to Rossendale Radio.

Although his first love is Rock he just loves music, especially live music. In 2016 he toured across America for 3 whole weeks just to check out live bands.

During the finer weather months Andrew, or Smiler to his friends, can be found touring around Europe by motorcycle in search of the best roads and music bars. Then when the temperature drops and the roads get slick, he switches to jumping off mountains whilst strapped to a pair of skis ..... obviously MUCH safer!

He does occassionally take life a little easier; tramping through the countryside with his Golden Retriever Sam or partaking of decent real ales, only decent ones mind, he is a bit of an ale officando. He can sometimes be found putting his feet up to watch classic TV like The Sweeney or Minder or great Michael Caine movies like Get Carter or The Italian Job. 

Andy is also a history buff, especially 20th Century stuff and if he were to go on Mastermind, his specialist subject would be the Cold War.

You can hear Andy on Rossendale Rocks on Monday evenings.

My Musical Moment:

From 6000 records??? This could take a while!