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What is 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough'?

Between 1-3 May 2021 Paul Jenkins is off on yet another ludicrous adventure - this time climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest - but without leaving the building.

The stairwell to the studio has 61 steps, each 17cm high. If Paul goes up (and down) those steps 853 times he'll have gone up (and down) the equivalent of the world's highest mountain. 8849 metres. Easy Peasy. 

It’ll take three days and the studio office will become a temporary ‘base camp’ but Paul is determined that (with a little help from the Rossendale Radio team) he can make it up and down in one piece.

He’ll also be supported by the amazing NC Health and Fitness who will provide him with a well needed sports massage at the end of each day.

Please support him in whatever way you can raising funds for the very best community radio station on the planet. (Fact!) 

Why are we raising money for Rossendale Radio?

Rossendale Radio is YOUR community radio station - bringing you great music, but also connecting the Rossendale Valley with events, local people and the wide range of brilliant community groups in Haslingden, Helmshore, Rawtenstall, Bacup, Waterfoot, Stacksteads, Loveclough, Crawshawbooth and quite frankly anywhere else that's awesome. 

The station presenting team all work on a voluntary basis but of course - running a radio station doesn't come cheap. Whether it's rent, putting 50p in the meter for the electric or the cost of attending local events (when they happen) - the bills still have to be paid. 

Around half of the station budget comes from our National Lottery grant each year, but as a condition of that we have to raise the rest ourselves. 

Hence - Ain't No Mountain High Enough! Please give generously and we'll be able to continue to be the best and only.... Voice of the Valley. :)


Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Only One Valley Great Enough!