Friday 24th January 2020 - 03:30
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24th January, 03:20

EU prepared to sign off on withdrawal agreement as Brexit Day approaches

The UK leaves the EU next Friday, January 31st.
23rd January, 17:45

Google exposes flaws in Apples privacy software

It was reported to the company last year..
23rd January, 17:30

China has extended protective measures to contain the coronavirus outbreak

Four suspected cases are being investigated in the United Kingdom.
23rd January, 16:40

Former Commons speaker John Bercow denies bullying allegations

An official spokesman for Boris Johnson has said that these are very concerning allegations and they need to be investigated thoroughly.
23rd January, 15:55

United Kingdom headed for January 31st Brexit as legislation given Royal assent

The UK officially leaves at 11pm next Friday.
23rd January, 09:21

Government risks undermining net zero push without public support poll finds

People are not aware of the changes that will be needed to cut the UKs greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, polling suggests. Consumer watchdog Citizens Advice is warning the Government it risks "fatally undermining" the countrys ability to reach the net zero goal if it does not get public buy-in for the changes that need to be made..

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