Here at Dansworks Dance Academy of Performing Arts CIC, we like to do things a little differently.

Forget everything you ever imagined a dance or performing arts school to be, Dansworks is not like that. Instead, we are an exuberantly friendly bunch who take the time to value every pupil we have, regardless of their level of ability. We are not judgmental but provide a caring and encouraging environment where every student can learn and grow.

We respect individuality, so whatever you are trying to achieve and whatever you are capable of, we will make sure you fulfil your potential.

Dansworks Dance Academy of Performing Arts is more than just a dance school.

Our qualified instructors cover the full range of performing arts, so whether you want to learn to dance, perform, sing, or act, you can find a welcoming place of learning with us.

Thanks to our inclusive approach, we’re open to anyone of any gender, age, ability or experience, so whether your goal is to become a professional performer on the West End stage, or whether you simply want to boost your confidence or improve your physical fitness, Dansworks will welcome you with open arms.

At Dansworks, our vision is to realise a world where dance is part of everyone’s everyday life, regardless of ability – or disability! Our dedicated and approachable staff are on a mission to make engagement with dance important to all individuals and communities in Bacup, Rossendale and beyond but, most importantly, they are here to help you achieve your dreams.

Our Facilities

  • 4 Dance Studios
  • Viewing windows
  • Ample Free Public Parking on the Maden Centre Car Park
  • Reception area with small drinks and snacks bar
  • 2 toilets (one disability friendly accessible toilet)
  • Small waiting area with children’s toys and cloak room
  • 2 entrances/exits, one is disability friendly with ramped access for wheelchairs, prams, and pushchairs


We offer classes from pre-school up to adult. Our classes enhance rhythm skills, co-ordination, musicality, self-esteem, and the love of dance! Classes are offered during the week and on Saturdays for your convenience. Dancers from school year 1 and up can enrol in any of the many forms of dance subject to approval. Classes vary from 30 minutes a class to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Students have the option to perform one routine per discipline at our annual show.

There are opportunities designed for dancers who wish to pursue an advanced level of training. Competitive dancers represent the studio at different competitions though out the year, as well as at many community events and other functions. Competitive dancers strive to achieve their goals, build confidence, and always conduct themselves in a sporting manner. Dancers can apply or be invited to join our award-winning teams or to work on individual/duo performances. We do our best to ensure our competitive opportunities are inclusive so that as many children as possible get the opportunity to experience competitive dance if they wish to.

Each year in March/April, we present our annual Show. This is a production put together of all the dance classes offered at our school. The dancers present their showcase of hard work and fun in a professional theatre, with professional staging, lights, and sound.

Our dancers are offered the opportunity to take part in Exams, Rosettes and Medal Tests in one or more disciplines. These Tests give your dancer the opportunity to present what they have achieved and be awarded a mark and certificate. Exam students must attend the minimum class requirements to be considered for exam classes. As students get older, many of the dance qualifications are Ofqual recognised and earn UCAS points for students.


We use games within our warmup which links drama and play and encourages students to relax. This also helps children have fun, build relationships with other students, and build everyone’s confidence. Groups work together to build their own stories and create plays, developing their creativity and personality. Classes work together as a team to allow students to learn new behaviours and scenarios from each other, helping them to build upon their social and emotional development. We welcome you to join our family and achieve your goals! We don’t care whether you can Act like Daniel Craig or Emma Watson or can't act your way out of a paper bag. We have classes for you whether you are looking for one or two classes a week as a new hobby or interested in a more serious level of training.


Sing your favourite songs with accompaniment and coaching. Learn vocal technique, exercises, musicianship, and music theory as it applies to singing. Develop mic technique and performance quality. We welcome you to join our family and achieve your goals!  We don’t care whether you can sing like Adele or Ed Sheeran or can’t carry a tune in a bucket. We have classes for you whether you are looking for one or two classes a week as a new hobby or interested in a more serious level of training.

See here for our Private Singing Lessons


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